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A New Kind of Wildlife Sanctuary - For Bees - Gauthereau Group

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

With endless flowers and ponds, the New York Bee Sanctuary wants to create a haven where endangered pollinator species can rejuvenate. As bee populations continue to drop so alarmingly that pollinators now have their own White House Task Force, a nonprofit in upstate New York is pioneering a new solution: A large-scale sanctuary focused on helping honeybees, wild bees, and butterflies start to recover.

It's sort of like a spa where stressed-out bees can relax. The 50-acre sanctuary will be covered in bee hotels—customized to accommodate the more than 3,000 species in New York State alone—along with neverending fields of flowers to snack on and a pond for easy access to water.

While some other nonprofits are setting aside wildlife habitat for bees, the sanctuary goes a little further, boosting what would typically be available in nature so bees can survive longer and reproduce more. While flowers might normally peak in spring and [...]

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