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Braiding Sweetgrass, an ancient practice

Braiding sweetgrass. It was my first attempt after many years of growing this beauty and now having enough to harvest. Lots of special instructions on the number of grass, braid, etc. Lots of sacred numbers.

Three sections of seven strands. The first represents the seven generations walking behind us. The second represents the seven sacred teachings: Love, Respect, Honesty, Courage, Wisdom, Truth, and Humility. The third represents the seven generations to come.

We are all connected to everyone, and everything, past, present, and future. All things are interwoven.

In the process of it, it reminded me of when I was working on my prayer ties for vision quest. You pause. You feel. You continue. And you pause again to feel more. To listen.

Very meditative. I got absorbed in the sweet smell. Weaving the braid like we weave prayers together.

It is not perfect. I have many more to do. I guess perfection is such a false illusion when we can get such joy, presence, and love from our work.

The lesson of the braid: What we do to our planet, we do to ourselves, what has been done to our ancestors has been done to us, and what we do here in the present affects our descendants in the generations to follow.

Maybe when my hair and beard will be all gray, I will do delightful smooth braids. Maybe I will be able to teach someone about it.

I won't wash my hands this evening.

The smell is just so divine.


Angell Deer

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