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Everyone is an enigma

The path to healing involves learning how to let go of our inclination to pass judgment, engage in gossip, and resort to derogatory labels towards those we identify as 'different'.

Even in spiritual circles, it's not uncommon to encounter a sense of spiritual superiority, a delusion that we have a superior understanding and answers to life's complexities. This mindset suggests that we comprehend other people's experiences better than they do.

From my perspective, we can never truly comprehend what someone else is enduring, or the reasons behind their actions. Our assumptions and interpretations are based on our own unique experiences, which are inherently different from theirs.

In essence, judgment fosters division, and division cultivates suffering.

These judgments, often anchored in a misguided sense of righteousness, only serve to distance us from the healing process by perpetuating the illusions of the mind. This leads us away from genuine transformation, offering only a false sense of security and belonging, and obscuring the truth.

Addressing our own internal suffering leads us towards immeasurable unconditional love for ourselves. Once we begin to love ourselves unconditionally, our beliefs about others become less judgmental and more compassionate.

Neither are all men destructive nor are all women irrational.

We are all wounded in some way, and many of us are simply distracted.

We all need healing, but not everyone understands what needs healing or how to go about it.

No one possesses all the answers.

Remember to be kind, patient, transparent, and compassionate. Keep your heart open to love others.

Be the beacon of light.

Remember, everyone is an enigma. Revel in that mystery, as that's where the curiosity lies. It's in this curiosity that we build beautiful connections, connecting to each other with profound and authentic love.

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