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In the realm of the unseen

A world beyond our wildest dreams unseen, Spirits wander and shadows sway, Mysteries concealed in secrecy stay

Echoes carried by breezes and night, Whispers of spirits who avoid sight, Their essence felt, bodies breathless, A serene land forever timeless.

Where the spirits soar and dreams come true, Is the truth found beyond our clue, Where the universe becomes my kingdom, And the self hatches and flies into freedom.

The earth and stars illuminate the cosmic display, Response to mystical forces that always sway, So shut your eyes and let your waters flow, To the world of the unseen where great secrets bestow.

I am a spirit in a mortal shell, The confines of which I must quell, Though I am not bound by flesh and bone, I walk this earth, in the world of death and stones

I have come, to exist as you do, To experience love, to experience hue, To feel the sun on my face so warm, To melt my skin under my lover's arm.

I am not bound, by space or time, And so beyond my earthly climb, There is a realm that waits for me, A realm beyond what man can see.

And so I walk this world with care, For I know that I am not just there, But that I am spirit, woven with flesh, My journey of life a decaying mesh.

So when the time has come to depart, I will leave behind this mortal heart, And soar beyond this earthly place, Uplifted by songs and feathers of grace

Ⓒ Angell Deer

Art @dedi5un

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