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Grandmother ThreeCrow, Ancient Wisdom for times of troubles (An elder message)

This powerful message was delivered by Grandmother Barbara ThreeCrow for this time of the year, supporting our spiritual evolution and what we need to know in this time of prophecy. She brings ancient wisdom for this time of prophecy.

Barbara Threecrow, Tunka Hota Wiyan (Gray Stone Woman), is a spiritual communicator, empath, and gifted healer. She is the originator of Songs for Women's Circles and is a ceremonial leader in the Lakota tradition; Barbara's heritage is Celt and Nanticoke/Delaware and adopted Lakota. She was a long-time student of the late Lakota medicine man Wallace Black Elk.

As a visionary, Barbara has received prophecies regarding this present time of humanity's transition, as well as the return of the sacred feminine.

This message was recorded & played for The Sanctuary 2023 Yule / Solstice ceremony.

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