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Men's circle, online, for men going through life or career transition - Gauthereau Group

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

For: Men experiencing any kind of transition in life. Death, divorce, marriage, break-up, teenage kids/issues with kids, relationships, weight gain, depression, new job, job loss, career change etc.

Men of all ages welcome - feel free to bring your father or son as well Where:

 ONLINE every two weeks

Cost: FREE or open donation

When: Wednesday March 23rd 2016 (Full Moon)

Why: Men are expected to be strong and sensitive. Society heaps expectations on men without providing enough tools to honor truth, sensitivity and deal with blockages that are inherent in all of us as a part of life. New York City while exciting also provides a breeding ground for stress, ego, expectation and anxiety. As men, we transition through cycles in life with little support and only ways to escape through alcohol, drugs, the Internet or sports. What other tools can we use to cope with life? With truth, with strength and as "men" and what does that word mean for today and now?

Join this healing circle led by Guillaume, a man who had conventional "success", a breakdown and found a path to find truth, healing and strength to transcend and cope with life with all its ups and downs. Though a native of France, Guillaume has lived in NYC for over 10 years and is well aware of the unique stressors and energies in the city. 

RSVP HERE for more information and to join the group

This workshop is open to all and will provide a powerful community of healing and practice for men who are seeking a breakthrough to cope with transition in life.

Format: 1-2 hours circle featuring:

Opening invocation and prayer for healingShamanic drumming/sound healingTransition in history, religions, and the scripturesChakra cleanseTalk on coping with transitionSharingBach flower emotional remedy questionnaireAura cleanseAnd more...

RSVP HERE for more information and to join the group


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