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The Spiritual Board of Advisors

The world is changing, and some amazing things are happening! I was asked to create and join a "Spiritual Board of Advisors" for a very large US health care provider.

During the last 20 years, I have occupied many roles as manager, executive and CEO at various companies (Colgate, Nestle, Louis Vuitton, Lalique). I have also created and run my own businesses, the largest being which I co-founded in 2003 and for which we raised over $45M and grew to over 150 employees.

Like many CEOs and entrepreneurs, I have had to work with a board of directors and investors. Those advisors brought strong value in terms of financial, marketing and strategic support. Yet when it came to purpose and meaning, very often I felt “alone” in this process, and confronted with my own desires that did not always match the vision and values of my board and investors.

Also what I think has become another pressing issue is that the new generations X, Y and now Z, are asking their management to truly embody the values they are aspiring to express or already living as individuals. Those XYZ do not want anymore just the “marketed” make-up of coolness, the nice sleek designed offices, or the free-open cafeteria/kitchen/playrooms. They want to feel part of a family. A tribe that reflect who they are and who they aspire to be.

If corporations don’t answer this calling they are often confronted with difficulties to attract, motivate and retain the most creative and avant-garde talents which are the blood and new DNA needed for those corporation to truly thrive in the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

Recently I got to pitch one of the largest global consulting groups with my Awakened Leadership Program because it was struggling to recruit and retain “as usual” the top MBA of American business schools.

So how do we stay relevant? How do we attract those who do not want to make a career in one company? How do we embody 21st century values of sustainability, social responsibility, new ways of working (remotely), and new ways of more horizontal management? How do we embody and communicate higher-wisdom of Truth and Oneness?

One of the powerful solutions is the creation of a Spiritual Board of Advisors.

What are the roles of a Spiritual Board of Advisors? 

How does this board work with the CEO and board of directors/advisors?

Who composes a Spiritual Board of Advisors?

Do you want to explore this for your organization?

Reach out to me at

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